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We offer lease financing for new and used commercial equipment.  Big or small equipment, our competitive advantage in structuring a lease for your company has many benefits.  A lease also offers many payment terms - tailored to your specific needs.


We can secure the equipment you want by structuring a loan product.  Assets can be depreciated yearly, and the taxable advantages are worth it.  Financing equipment also simplifies the process of acquiring equipment, and putting it to use immediately.

Sale Leasebacks / Private Sales

Are you looking to leaseback a piece of equipment you already own in order to inject some cash into your business for upgrades, or a major project you are working on?  We can do that.  How about if you are looking at a piece of equipment that's not at a dealership, we can do that too.  Let us explain how - give us a call.

Accounting & Taxes

Your business requires an experienced tax preparation service that understands your business.  Our affiliated CPA tax accountants specialize in commercial tax preparation.  Give us a call to discuss your businesses accounting needs.


Our multi-industry expertise can assist your business in many ways.  What can we do for you?
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