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About Us.

Just a little info about us, our initiatives & goals, and our service dedication to you.
Why EquiCap Leasing?

Our clients are the source of our inspiration. We are in business to help, secure, and deliver the service that is expected of us - sourcing capital and solving asset acquisition problems, efficiently and affordably.  Dealing with dealers, lenders & contractors is a difficult task - that is why we are here.  Our expertise and affiliated partners is our capital, at your disposal.

Company Profile

We are a small commercial leasing and financing brokerage.  Small, but strong.  We partner with many commercial lenders - from AAA credit, to D credit profiles.  Whether you are a big company with excellent credit, or a small company that has had some bumps in the road, we are here to secure the best financial solution for you.

Mission Statement

To respect our clients, and respect the industry standards, and exceed the client's service expectations in every way possible.

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